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Adjustable basketball goals are great for families with young children. Some play at eight feet and some at nine feet. Mom and dad play at ten feet so having an adjustable system that can lower down to seven feet to accommodate the youngest in the family and then easily go back to ten feet is just what a family needs. Children who can not score on a ten foot regulation goal will not want to play. They will be turned off from the sport until they are old enough to throw the ball that high.

The standard design of the higher end adjustable basketball goal systems with the jack screw or actuator feature on the back of the pole is a great basketball system. The crank style height mechanism works very well and makes achieving the perfect height possible. Its simplicity has made this type of elevator system the best compared to complex spring loaded systems that have come and gone. Young kids can raise and lower the adjustable basketball goal system and most have removable handles so you can have control over how often it gets adjusted. We have a lot of customers say “I don’t want an adjustable basketball goal system; I want a nice sturdy fixed height basketball system.” The basketball equipment systems like the Hydra-Ribs basketball goals and Bisons are very sturdy and are designed to hold the more heavy backboards with metal framing. A backboard with steel reinforcement is heavier than standard thin sheet backboards and need a sturdier pole system to hold them up. Do not overlook these systems entirely when choosing a goal even if you don’t plan on lowering the goal from regulation height.

The gravity type elevator adjustable basketball goal system like the Sure-Shot 315 Elevator System is our best seller. For that price range, families can have affordable, adjustable basketball goals in their driveway or backyard half court. These gravity type elevator adjustable basketball goals adjust using any broom handle or rake handle out of the garage. A release mechanism behind the rim will allow the backboard to lower to its lowest position 7.5’. You then push the backboard up to the desired height. The elevator will lock in place every six inches allowing you to lock in at 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 or 10 feet. This model elevator system works the best for wall mount applications!

Adjustable basketball goals are not intended to be lowered for slam dunk contests. They are intended to allow small children the chance to score baskets and enjoy the game like big people do. Lowering adjustable basketball goals and hanging from the rim could cause damage to the basketball systems and could cause injury to the player. Remember to apply backboard padding to rectangular shaped backboards with sharp corners. In their lowest position, the bottom of the backboard is only seven feet high and people can hit their heads on them. Play safe!


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