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Basketball Goal Pole Pads

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Basketball System Anchor Kit

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Lifetime Hoop Chute Basketball Return



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Edge padding is strongly recommended by Atlanta Hoops for the safety of players with an acrylic backboard.

Backboard edge padding is also very important for adjustable height basketball goals that allow the backboard to be lowered to accommodate smaller players. Taller players could hit their head on the corner of the backboard or rim. Acrylic backboards with metal frames have sharp corners and should be covered with an edge pad. Non adjustable basketball goals that are set at the regulation height of ten feet are less likely to need edge padding unless you have a player who can jump that high.

Adding a protective pole pad to your new basketball goal is a good idea. Players charging towards the goal to do a lay-up could hit the pole and get hurt. Wrapping the pole with a pole pad will keep serious injuries to a minimum. Pole pads are not pole decorations or a way of advertising the product manufacturer. Our pole pads can be reversed to an all black surface to minimize advertising and product naming.


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