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Basketball Backboards

Basketball backboards are a package put together by the manufacturer of a backboard and a rim that will fit on it. Most basketball backboards are intended as a replacement for a backboard you already have mounted to a pole system. A mounting kit or arm will be needed to attach a backboard to a pole or wall. Basketball backboards are not intended to be installed directly to a pole or wall. A mounting kit or arm will extend the backboard out so there is room under the backboard to play.

When installing your basketball backboard, the rim should be mounted to a supporting structure directly for the best results. Bolting the rim to the basketball backboard alone may not be strong enough to handle aggressive play. If you are replacing a backboard and or rim on a system, you will need to choose from that manufacturer’s product line to ensure compatibility. Not all basketball backboards will fit on any system. Lifetime basketball backboards will not fit on a Spalding system and vise versa.


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