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Atlanta Hoops Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my basketball goal from Atlanta Hoops?

Orders take 2-3 days to process, and freight takes 4-6 business days to ship once your order is processed. So on average you will receive your basketball goal in about a week and a half.

How long does it take to receive my basketball accessories from Atlanta Hoops?

Orders take 2-3 days to process, and ups freight takes 3 business days to ship once your order is processed. So on average you will receive your basketball accessories in about a week.

Is 400 kg. of concrete really needed for an in-ground pole installation?

Yes, 820 lbs. is used to fill the 24" x 24" hole dug in the ground, and another 80 lbs. is used to fill the pole.

What type of antifreeze is used to protect a water-filled portable base through the cold winter months, and how much is needed?

A non-toxic antifreeze is used, and two gallons will adequately keep the water from freezing solid.

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What is the purpose of a ground sleeve?

The ground sleeve is used for easy removal of the pole and helps reduce corrosion.

Do I have to use the ground sleeve?

Sports does recommend using the ground sleeve. If it is not used all warranty on the unit would be void.

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How do I install the ground sleeve?

Insert the bottom pole section into the ground sleeve. Fill hole 1/3 full of concrete. Insert ground sleeve in center of hole until the flange is level with the playing surface. Then fill the hole completely with concrete.

How do I install the net clips?

The two outer hoods on the net clip must face towards the inside of the rim. Insert the larger hole in the net clip into the rim stud, push up in the net clip, then slide net clip to the left, locking or snapping it securely into position ensure the clip is pushed flush to the rim when sliding across.

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On a 3-1/2" round pole, the directions require making a 5" mark for pole overlap. After pounding two sections together, only 4" of overlap is reached. Is this normal?

Yes, the 5" mark is a reference mark, but on a 3 1/2" round pole, an overlap of 3 1/2" - 4" is normal and considered acceptable.

Why does an in-ground pole system need to be filled with cement?

The cement has two purposes. First, it fills up space to stop condensation from changing temperatures, which causes rust to develop on the unpainted inside surface of the pole. In addition, it enhances the rigidity and dampens vibrations of the pole system.

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Is there anything that can be done to attain a rim height of 10 ft. from a pole that sank down too far in the cement during installation?

Yes, both square and round pole extensions are available through customer service. Also, hardware kits are available to raise elevator systems which normally bolt through the pole so that the 10 ft. height can be attained.

Can I buy a base to make my in-ground system a portable or can I make my portable an in-ground system?

Due to varying specifications between models it is not recommended for total safety and performance. Also all warranties would be void.

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How do I drain the tank?

You can drain the tank by either using a wet vacuum or by siphoning the water.

Is the model 8610 support plate absolutely necessary on a universal mounting bracket, model 8405-A?

No. However, the support plate will provide enhanced performance for aggressive play.

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