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In-Ground Basketball Goals

All in-ground basketball goals that we carry have been installed by one of our installers locally here in Atlanta and have been chosen over others to be the best. In-ground basketball goals are installed in the ground using concrete and can not be easily removed if you change your mind or are unhappy with the system. Getting it right the first time is exactly what we strive to do.

There are, in our view, three different levels of in-ground basketball goals.

First are the inexpensive in-ground basketball goals that one may buy for your children to play with. They are not the most sturdy or long lasting as others, but they work great to give the children a fun outdoor sport to play at home. Most families choose the height adjustable in-ground basketball goals to accommodate younger children and older ones at the same time. The regulation height of an in-ground basketball goal is ten feet, which too high for a seven year old to play with and it may discourage him/her from wanting to play.

The second type of in-ground basketball goals we carry are more heavy duty and works great for children and adults. These in-ground basketball goals are our best sellers because they are at a price range that makes them very affordable for what you get. With these in-ground basketball goals you usually get large clear acrylic backboards, break-away rims, four inch square and one-piece poles that will last in your yard a very long time. We carry very clean looking basketball goals that don’t have a lot of stickers and loud labels that a homeowner’s association may reject. We also carry Sure-Shot brand basketball goals that are very well built here in the USA and will stand up against any other brand out there.

The third type of basketball goal we offer is the high end in-ground basketball goals. Customers who want to replicate what they play on at a gym with the larger backboard and a truer rebound prefer the Hydra-Rib in-ground basketball goals. Bison also makes an incredibly affordable glass backboard system that’s perfect for families. It lowers to a height much lower than most, which is perfect for little ones. Hydra-Rib has definitely made a high quality in-ground basketball goal that is affordable to the average family.

Deciding which in-ground basketball goal is right for you is a little easier at Atlanta Hoops. We don’t try to confuse you with every goal ever made. We offer time tested in-ground basketball goals that we will proudly install and put our reputation on. If you know of a specific model that you want and it is not listed here, we can get it and install it!

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