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Level 2 In-Ground Basketball Goals

We have added several different categories for our basketball goals in an effort to help you find the right system for your needs quickly. I'm sure you have noticed there are many systems to choose from now. Just when you think you found one that looks good you notice it is hundreds more than another one you were looking at. Why? Glass backboard? Six inch pedestal pole? Looking at each one, reading the specs, comparing backboard sizes, pole sizes, pole styles….it’s too much. We have narrowed the list down to what you are looking for and hopefully weeding out the systems that you wouldn't want.

Level 2 basketball goal systems offer heavier poles and larger acrylic backboards. This level is the most popular for families with teenagers who are interested in playing and practicing and for adults who want their turn. Four inch square poles are used to hold up the heavier acrylic backboards and break away rims which results in a more sturdy basketball goal system that doesn’t wobble after each shot. Fixed height basketball goal models tend to be even sturdier because of the strength of a single extension arm rather than the many components used on an elevator system, but not recommended if you have young children who would want to play.

Here are a few examples where a level 2 basketball goal system is a good choice:

-"We want a basketball goal that looks good and doesn’t wobble around after a shot."

-"Our homeowner association has to approve it, and we want something nice looking."

-"I hate it when the backboard rattles and shakes when the ball hits the basketball goal rim."

-"Our last basketball goal lasted about three years and rusted and faded. We want something better."

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