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Level 3 In-Ground Basketball Goals

We have added several different categories for our basketball goal systems in an effort to help you find the right system for your needs quickly. I'm sure you have noticed there are many systems to choose from now. Just when you think you found one that looks good you notice it is hundreds more than another one you were looking at. Why? Glass backboard? Six inch pedestal pole? Looking at each one, reading the specs, comparing backboard sizes, pole sizes, pole styles….it’s too much. We have narrowed the list down to what you are looking for and hopefully weeding out the systems that you wouldn't want.

Level 3 basketball goal systems include heavier acrylic or glass backboards with steel support for superior rebounding. To best mimic the gym you need a solid backboard and hefty pole to hold it up. Be careful and try not to get too caught up in pole sizes or their thickness. Manufacturers use the size pole they feel is necessary to hold up their backboard. You are buying the backboard and rim, let the manufacturer worry about holding it up.

Regulation size for level 3 basketball goals are 72” wide by 42” tall and ½” tempered glass. The regulation extension from the pole or court edge to the backboard is 4’. That is what is used by the NBA and at school and is available for your half court or driveway. Regulation size systems will not fit in most driveway settings so similar looking systems are available with less extension and smaller backboards. A 60” wide backboard, ½” thick acrylic with 3’ extension may fit better but still be an awesome basketball goal system for your home and be hundreds less.

Here are a few examples where a level 3 basketball goal system is a good choice:

-"My daughter plays at school and we want her practice at home to count."

-"Several guys in the neighborhood come over and we play rough, I need a basketball goal system that will hold up to competition play."

-"We move often and don’t want to buy a new basketball goal system each time. I want to unbolt the basketball goal system from the concrete and take it with me."

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