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Spalding 88465 Basketball Goal

Spalding 88465 Basketball Goal

Sale: $549

Spalding 88825 Basketball Goal

Spalding 88825 Basketball Goal

Sale: $999

Spalding 88830 Basketball Goal

Spalding 88830 Basketball Goal

Sale: $1,199


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Outdoor Basketball Goals

Outdoor basketball goals are built to last in all weather types and the now affordable acrylic backboards are extending the life of outdoor systems. Acrylic has taken the place of composite backboards and fiberglass backboards. Acrylic is very durable and looks like the pro backboards.

Outdoor basketball goals can offer longer warranties now that the quality has improved. Systems like the Hydra-Rib outdoor basketball goal models bolt down to the ground and never touch the ground. They are raised a few inches from the concrete and never touch the ground so the warranty on these type systems is usually twice that of a direct in-ground outdoor basketball goal.

Pole sizes and for outdoor basketball goals are determined by the manufacturer. They provide the size pole that they feel is necessary to hold a specific size backboard with the least amount of wobble or sway. Choosing outdoor basketball goals with the biggest pole does not mean that system will be the sturdiest. Even high end outdoor basketball goals that have large backboards will have some movement.

When choosing an outdoor basketball goal you should decide what size backboard will work best for you location. If you are installing an outdoor basketball goal system off a driveway, a seventy two inch wide regulation size system may not be the way to go. Fifty four inch is a more average size backboard to use. A nice half court in a large back yard may be the place for such a large system.

Galvanized gooseneck style poles are the most long lasting pole systems you can buy and often come with a lifetime warranty. These poles are used in park setting and subdivisions without supervision. Steel backboards and traditional non breakaway rims work best to achieve a long lasting outdoor basketball goal system that will hold up to abuse.


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